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ZEPH is Book Three in the Nephilim Code Series

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"I hate flying."

All I needed was a touch and I could carry someone, but I didn’t complain about the fact that she wrapped her good arm around my back and hugged into me as I triggered the cloud of air and felt it uncurl. She moaned into my chest when I stepped up and felt the shift pull at me. I grinned as the magnetic thrum of the earth coursed through my body. Flying was fun. It was freedom. One day I would convince Morgan of that.

We made it back in good time but something wasn’t right.

"Is that…?"

"Apath," I confirmed.

"Order and response. It’s an Active team."

I thought for a second. Morgan may have had training and could hold her own, but she was injured. I flew over to the escape unit and became visible as I landed. Morgan stumbled as we touched ground but didn’t complain or argue.

"Stay here. The others know to assemble here if they can."

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"Zeph. Morgan. Are you okay?"

I glanced across at the hidden Jeep and saw Kate. "Yeah. What do you know?"

"The alarm sounded and Edward brought me here. He’s gone back." She removed her Comm from her ear. "Here."

Taking the Comm, I fit it as I disappeared and took off again. I knew the drill. Retrieval detail. I had to find Ben; he’d be the target.

"Jovan reporting. Where is Darvell?" I asked the silent Comm.

I saw Edward below me. He was facing off against a big guy, and a girl with brown hair. I’d seen both of them from the photos Nova had brought back after her ordeal with Lauder. Felix was the big guy and he was basically brute strength personified. The girl, I think her name was Violet or Viola or something, could control with her words. As I descended, I saw that Felix had Odel.

This was where it was going to get sticky. I needed to be solid so I could touch Odel and Edward, but getting in the middle of a fight like that was a deadly scenario. Even a mild punch could take me out and there was nothing mild about Felix.

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I touched Edward first. He swore, but didn’t pull away.

"Odel," I told him.

His reaction was fast. Within a second he’d reached across the distance and touched the teen. As much as I didn’t like the idea that Edward could take my ability, it did come in handy.

We were flying away before Felix regained his equilibrium.

Edward swore again as he jerked backward in the sky. Frowning, he turned back.

"I don’t think so," he muttered as he shielded his eyes.

Reaching out his hand, I saw a flash of pale blue light leave his fingertips. I couldn’t see it after that but moments later the ‘V’ girl went flying backwards; landing in a crumpled heap. I didn’t even want to know whose ability he’d stolen for that.

"Where’s Ben?"

"Medic room last I knew," Edward told me as he tapped his Comm. "I think something is jamming these things. I can’t get through to anyone."

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That was bad news. "You got a plan?"

As much as I didn’t like Edward, this was what he was good at.

"Get to the surveillance room." He looked down at the unmoving Odel in his arms. "Take him to the escape unit. I’ll try to find Ben."

"Ben is my responsibility."

"Don’t argue. Drop him off, come find me."

With that, Edward let go of Odel and disappeared. I had to grab the teen before he became visible and fell out of the sky. I didn’t normally swear, but I came close. I stopped short, spun and took off. Odel lolled on the cloud of air and I didn’t like that he was so still; a t least he had a pulse. I appeared the second I touched ground, telling the girls to check on Odel; I gave him over to them and went to find Edward.

There was a guy near the surveillance room completely tangled in writhing rope. I gave him a cursory glance as I headed inside. Edward was studying the screen.

"Did you do that?" I thumbed toward the door.

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"Yeah. The shield works on abilities too."

I had no idea what that meant, but I let it go. "Where’s Ben?"

"Two red triangles. Someone is impersonating him. One in the medic room and one on the track."

"Where’s Nova?"

"Kitchen," Edward replied.

"Not helpful."

"You head to the track. I’ll get Nova and take her to the medic room. She’ll see and know the imposter."

"You can’t? I mean with her ability."

"Ran out."

"And how do we tell each other which one is real?"

Edward snorted and gave me a disdainful look. "Apath."

"We don’t—"

"Today, you do."

* * * * * * * * *

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