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EDWARD is Book Two in the Nephilim Code Series

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"Why are you in Melbourne, Edward?"

I crossed my arms then leaned on the counter. Lowered pose. Confidence from a non-dominate stance. It annoyed the hell out of everyone. "Went through my wallet. Clever."

"What makes you say that?" The taller of the two asked.

"Address, name. What else did you find out? I’m dying to know."

"Arrogant," the bulky one muttered.

"Thick." The taller one tapped his head.

I straightened as he walked away from the counter. Seconds later he disappeared, making me jump when he appeared next to me.

"So Edward Huber, when did you decide we were human?"

Nephilim. Enemy camp. I ran my mind through anyone I knew who manifested invisibility. Particularly from the other side. I came up empty.

"Who are you?"

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The taller one reached across and held out his hand. "Zeph Anglelis."

I didn’t shake it as my mind clicked. Zeph Angelis, brother of... "You’re Benaiah Angelis?"

Benaiah Angelis. The one Nephilim Lauder wanted. The one Nephilim who had slipped from his grasp. The only Nephilim in recorded history who could heal. I was in the same room as Benaiah Angelis.

“Figures.” Zeph pushed away from the counter. "He knows who you are."

"Not really an accolade," Benaiah told him.

"True. But he still hasn’t answered the question."

I looked down at my hands. He’d touched my wrist. I had been healed by Benaiah Angelis. "That’s why I feel better."

"Not even a thank you. Did you notice?" Zeph was back to talking with his brother.

"I noticed."

"Thank you," I said automatically.

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"Well, what do you know? The brat has manners."

Zeph was really on my nerves.

"I can’t tell you."

"You can’t tell us what?" Zeph turned back to me.

I glared at him. He was damn pushy. I glanced at Benaiah. He seemed to be waiting.

"I can’t tell you why I’m in Melbourne."

"What happened? They put a blindfold on you, spun you three times, and you suddenly found yourself here?" Zeph snorted.

"You won’t believe me so what’s the point?"


"I’m human." I waited for shock. Surprise. A response of any kind. Nothing. "What no gloating?"

"Why would we gloat?" Benaiah asked with a slight shrug.

"Not even you?"

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Zeph lifted his hands in surrender. "Dude, that’s your battle."

These guys were weird.

"Lauder figured I was as good a test subject as any. I didn’t argue. If it worked, I was back in the game."

"It didn’t work," Benaiah said quietly. It wasn’t a question.

I clenched my teeth. I had wanted it to work. I was convinced it would work. I swallowed hard, took a breath and got the rest of the story out as quickly as possible. "I got sick like the others. Lauder kicked me out. Said I was useless."

Again nothing. No agreement with the decree. No snide remarks. These guys didn’t know a door of kick-him-when-he’s-down opportunity when it stood wide open in front of them.

"So how’d you get here?"

And there it was. Of course Zeph wanted the degrading details.

"Hitched a ride or two, walked when I couldn’t. Begged for food, stole money.

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"Then I got sicker, I remember that. I couldn’t move. Could barely breathe.There was this crazy guy. Super demented in the head. And..." I struggled to remember anything else, but drew a blank. "... then I woke up here."

I waited. The brothers were silent.

Finally, Zeph moved. "Do you believe him?"

"Sounds genuine."

"Could be a trap."

"Could be."

"Wait for the others?"


On cue, a knock came at the door. Ignoring me Zeph went to answer. Racing around I reached the door before him and blocked it.

"What others?"


"No, you don’t. I want to know who they are first."

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"Why? Want to know how many have it in for you?" Zeph grabbed my arm.

I shoved a hand against his chest, pushing him away. Backing up I was determined to stay put. Suddenly I felt myself falling. I was sitting on the floor of the hallway. My legs through the door.

Fear raced through me. I scrambled backwards.

"Well, that’s not something you see every day." A very British accent announced.

I looked up at the Nephilim. I looked at the door. The closed door.

"What the hell just happened?"

* * * * * * * * *

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