Photos from this website (mostly used for "teasers") were obtained from
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TP Hogan would like to credit the following contributions:

Website by Runge Creative -- budget-wise websites

Scrolling Image Gallery created by Vicky Singh

TP Hogan - Compass Logo
20 Compass Rose brushes -- by purplefeen

forest-sun-rays-fog-nature-tree -- by Greyerbaby

ferns-tree-ferns-australia -- by pattyjansen

Thylacinus cynocephalus -- by Henry Constantine Richter after John Gould

Thylacinus -- by Photographer: Baker; E.J. Keller
Report of the Smithsonian Institution. 1904 -- from the Smithsonian Institution archives

Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania -- by anyaka

Tasmania-satellite -- by NASA

Nephalim Code Series
HK 觀塘 Kwun Tong 創紀之城五期 APM Mall Christmas Tree -- by Kamguaowaeiloa

Specialty yarns ribbon flags braid normal -- by Willow W

Nothing tastes like sun -- by Kristaps B. from Tukums, Latvia

Clothesline-varal -- by Onjacktallcuca

Nephalim Code - Zeph
DNA Brushes for PSP 7 -- by Cynthetic

Large Filigree Brushes -- by kissncontrol

Melbourne Night Panorama -- by Jes Mugley

Melbourne skyline 2008 -- by Ari Bakker

Size comparison between a beagle and a man -- by Abujoy

Panorama from the cliffs looking down towards Loch Ard Gorge and the beach -- by Diliff

The Razorback, near Loch Ard Gorge, Australia. Accessible from the great ocean road
-- by Lankhorst

Knox Gorge -- by Graeme Churchard

British India 1946, 0.5 Anna, copper-nickel, square -- by World Coin Gallery

Nephalim Code - Nova
photographer, female, silhouette, hair, camera, hand, outdoor -- by wahyucurug

Château de beynac escalier -- by Rilba

man, singer, musician, portrait, kostas martakis, 2008, face -- by WikiImages

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