Book Three Nephilim Code Series

  • A fantastic book, Zeph had it all - Rachel Bray ---
  • The author did an amazing job - Tracy ---
  • Great twists, great ation, all around fantastic read - Kristina

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Cover of the novel Nova

Nephilim are descended from Angels. Everyone knows the Angels died out eons ago. But not all Nephilim believe that. My grandfather didn’t, and neither does my brother.

After the search for the Angel brings us to Australia, rumours arise that Ibira Corp has found the body of an Angel. They want it for its DNA. When they find out that we’re on the trail of a live Angel, they’ll go to great lengths to find him first.

Including harming our family.

With time running out and Ibira Corp not far behind, suddenly we’re in a race to decipher the clues.

My name is Zeph Angelis
And I've got an Angel to find.

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