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Sebastian Ashcombe has been trapped behind the mirrors of Ashcombe Manor for almost 150 years. He can view the manor by using the mirrors as windows to the solid world, but he can’t communicate with anyone, and no one can see him.

Until Now.

Mattie Holmes visits Ashcombe Manor in Dunmore England after her mother marries Alex Ashcombe. The last thing she expects is a phantom man in her mirror. Bastian is not a ghost. He didn’t die. He was cursed to disappear behind the mirror on his wedding day in 1869. As they start to unravel the mystery, Bastian and Mattie realise that they are running out of time. If they don’t break the curse before February 29th Bastian will simply disappear.

Breaking a centuries old curse is hard enough, but Mattie is starting to fall for Bastian. Not only is his very existence in jeopardy but to love a man in the mirror seems likely to lead only to a shattered heart.

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