About TP Hogan

TP Hogan - Author TP Hogan is a born and bred Aussie living in the Far North of Queensland. This has been an interesting experience for her, seeing that swimming in the surf; battling jellyfish and removing sand from those places that really shouldn’t have sand, are not on her list of desired experiences.

Writing however is something which TP loves to do. The voices in her head demand that she share their stories, making her a slave to their bidding.

She has penned such books as Shattered and the Nephilim Code series. She also has several partly written works and ones still demanding release from the deepest recesses of her mind.

When not writing, TP has a day job and a full-time husband. She plays the violin and loves to make jellies just as much as she enjoys eating them.

You can occasionally catch her working as a Radio DJ.

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